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The All Knowing God

The All Knowing God knows everything about our lives. When we were to be born. What we would be in life and when we would leave this world. He knows every intricate details of our lives, even more than we know ourselves. He knows what will happen to us in the near future, the timings of it and the results. Amazing isn't it.

In John 10:3, the Bible tells us the gatekeeper opens the gate for Him and the sheep hear His voice as He calls his own sheep "by name" and He leads them out. You are special in God's eyes and He knows you by name. Every time God speaks to you, He does not speak in general terms. He speaks specifically to you. Isn't it wonderful for the Creator of the universe and the galaxies, knowing me by my name. I must be special because He knows me.

Psalms 139:2 tell us, the All Knowing God knows everything we do. From faraway He understands all our THOUGHTS. Even before the thoughts come to mind, He knows them. What a powerful God He is. He knows our thoughts before we even think them.

The Bible also tells us in Psalms 139:4, even before we SPEAK, He already knows what we will say. My wife Manoka and I have recently noticed that whatever I think of, she has the same thoughts too. The first time this happened I thought I had, without knowing, thought "aloud" and she just picked up from there to engage in a conversation. But then I realize this was not the case, I started to take notice. The thoughts patterns are about something that are way out in the 'blue'.

It had nothing to do with any current topics we talked about. Yet she has these thoughts the same time I was having them and when she mentioned them, I was taken aback.

This has been going on a while recently and it is strange to me. Every time I call her name for something I want to talk about, she responds like, "yes Dear, and continues without waiting for me to finish what it is that I want to talk about. And guess what, she is always spot on. It does frighten me sometime, I must admit. We have been putting down to being "one in the Spirit". So that helps a bit, I guess.

But imagine, the All Knowing God knows all these thoughts even before we ask Him. What a powerful all knowing God He is. Imagine, saying "LORD" and He says, "that’s already been fixed".

In Psalms 139: 2-3, He sees us, whether in work or resting and He knows all our ACTIONS, before we get to do them. He knows exactly what I will be doing in exactly 10 minutes from now. Whether preconceived or a spontaneous reaction, He knows what it will be.

He also knows that I am made from dust (Psalms 103:14) and can never be perfect like His Son Jesus Christ. Therefore He perseveres with me when I begin to act like spoiled brat. But He gently and lovingly encourages me to repent, so He can forgive me and clean me of my unrighteousness. What a loving ALL KNOWING Father He is. May He be Glorified.

Hearing the All Knowing God when He Speaks


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