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How SBI Helped Me Build This Site


Before June this year 2008, I did not have a slightest clue about building a website. Internet for me was the occasional Google and Yahoo searches, and receiving and sending emails.

But to build a website? Sorry, wrong person. Well that's what I thought, until I came across a "Sitesell Built It" or "SBI" for short. Their website is

To tell you the truth, I was a bit skeptical at first, like you are right now as you read this. To me they were another Internet company looking for ways to make a quick buck out of ignorant people like me.

But something they were saying, with words like "honesty" and "hardwork" appealed to me. At that time I was also thinking about building a website about the Second Coming of the Lamb of God but did not know where to start. So I decided to find out more about SBI.

What stood out about SBI was that they were obviously serious about helping people build "successful websites".

And the other was about adding "value" to the Internet by writing good contents. No spamming, No link farms, No cheating, No copying other's work, No trying to beat the Search Engines.

Just plain old hard work. Keep your site real (and of value) for the surfers and Search Engines.

I liked their policies so I joined and here I am, three and a half months later, with my own site. A site that I believe has value for the spiritual needs of people.

It is not just a "colorful brochure" in this huge internet ocean of over 100 million websites but a site that people and search engines can find valuable information in.

The result of keeping it real and adding value contents has placed the site in the good books of every major Search Engines there are and the traffic coming in a month is unbelievable.

What I have built is a Business. My life's business and it is here to stay. But it will need commitment on my part in producing quality contents about something I love.

This way it is more "fun" then "work". Writing about something you love.

Well I don't know much about Internet, but from the results of what I see, I can safely assume SBI is there somewhere in the mix of it. SBI takes care of all the technical needs of the Site while I concentrate on doing what I know best. That is writing about my personal experiences with God.

Are you thinking about building a site too?

There are many internet companies out there offering "free" or even "cheap" websites. Please do not fall into this hole. In my limited experience, these free or cheap websites offers are pure junk. Nobody ever gets to read about them.

On the long run the "free site" will quickly become your major expense item with no guarantee of success. English is not my native language and therefore I may not fully express what I feel. But as a police officer and a person who loves the Lord, I full heartedly recommend SBI to anyone who wants to build a real website.

Are you from a church group who wants to build a site for the church? A pastor wanting to build your own site? Maybe a Youth group or Women's group? Whatever group you belong to, SBI can help you build a suitable site for your specific needs.

Look, why don't you find out more about them from the links at the bottom of this page then decide. My personal recommendation however will be for them but God gave you a free will to choose, so you choose.

I paid 299 US dollars to register with them and order my templates. The experience and the knowledge I have gained so far. The 24 hours (real and prompt) technical support that is responsive to my needs. And the volumes of materials that are available for my use are all worth much more than I paid.

And importantly for that same amount of money, my site is leading in its theme - niche group. It always comes up No 1 on the first page of Google, Yahoo and the other major Search Engines search results. Which other web hosting companies can deliver this result in a short time?

People pay megabucks just to be on the first 20 pages of the search engines. Some pay even more to be on the first page as sponsored links.

I don't have to pay the Search Engines anything to be on their first page. All I do is follow the SBI Action Guide step-by-step, and the result is always the first page. This SBI formula has been proven to be a winner every time. Watch a short video on the winning formula if you like.

As soon as this site is complete, I promise you I will build another site immediately. This time it will be for my personal business so I can monetize. I have no doubt my business site will prosper if I stick to the SBI formula.

Guys, SBI is the way to go if you ever want to build a successful Christian website, but like I said, its  better to CHECK THEM OUT FIRST. If they meet your requirements and you are comfortable with them, then SIGN UP with them, if not, then don't bother. But thank you for hearing me out on this one.

Testimonies of the other Newbies

SBI! Case StudiesThere are thousands of newbies just like you and I, who have already built sites and internet businesses that are now very successful. Click here or on the image to read their testimonies. These are all current sites.

Proof of Success

SBI! ProofHow would like your site to be in the top three percent of the best sites in the world. You don't have to believe what I am saying, Click here or on the image to see for yourself. SBI built-sites own the top three percent of the internet pinnacle.

Build it Yourself

SBI! Action GuideYou can build the site yourself like I did, with SBI guiding you every step of the way by their Action Guide. This way you get "hands on" experience in website building, so building your next one will be even easier and a lot quicker. As I mentioned earlier I am definitely going to build another site shortly

Get an Expert to build it for you

SiteSell ServicesIf you don't have the time or the confidence to build one yourself, then no problems.You can get an Expert from SBI to build one for you. Just provide the necessary information and the expert will have your site up and running in no time at all. The cost will be slightly more than what I paid. Click on the image to find out more.


Site Build It! QuestionsThere are two Guarantees from SBI. Success is the first one if you follow the formula they set out in the Action Guide. The other is your Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied or feel that SBI might not be for you. You have nothing to lose really. Both ways you are guaranteed to be infront.

If you have any QUESTIONS you would like answers on, please click on the image to your right.

Process your ORDER here

SBI! Order PageClick on the link or the image to have your order processed As I mentioned earlier I thank God for bringing SBI into my life at the time He did. This site does not belong to me. It is for God's purpose. His Word in Romans 8: 28 says, everything happens for the good of those who love Him and those who were called for His purpose. I was called to write this site and I believe SBI were called to watch over it. How Great is this God we serve? I just marvel at His timings.

Accordingly I have no hesitation in recommending SBI to Christian brothers and sisters out there, if you are thinking of starting your own sites. Go with SBI. They will watch over you and your site.

May God richly bless you. Amen