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Salvation is Gods Gift to Mankind

Salvation is Gods gift to you. God really loves you, and He has a plan of peace, purpose, and fulfillment for you as an individual. It sounds almost too good to be true, like words without reality, but it is true; God has a unique destiny for you.

Every person has wrestled with, or at some time will wrestle with questions about God. You see, as humans, we are structured in such a way that we will seek after God.

Yet, we can do so much more than "seek". We can find. God has a plan whereby we can know Him. It is called salvation.

Salvation is God's love gift to whoever wants to receive it. This gift is described in many different ways in the Bible.

Sometimes it is called the "new birth," or being "born again." This indicates that just as you were born physically into a human family, through salvation, you are born spiritually into God's family. John 3:3

Salvation is also described as "having made peace with God." Colossians 1:20-21. At some time, every person who is without God experiences an inner emptiness. Salvation is God's answer to that deep human longing for satisfaction and purpose.

Salvation is "fellowship with God." I John 1:3. It speaks of the friendship that you can experience when you are in relationship with the Heavenly Father.

Many only think of God as a judge or a distant divine being. God wants to be your friend, and salvation is the foundation for that friendship.

"Eternal life" is another expression that describes salvation and its benefits. Romans 6:23. The word "eternal" tells us that God's gift transcends our earthly existence; it is forever!

The Bible says that God has placed eternity in every human heart. Ecclesiastes 3: 11. This is the reason why people in every culture are wondering about and questioning spiritual and eternal matters.

Salvation gives you the assurance of eternal life. Your search is over when the Lamb of God becomes your Savior.



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