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The Newsletter for this site is produced every month and is called “THE NOW WORD”.

It is about a realm that you and I, as born-again Christians, are part of, which we never get to hear or read about. And yet it is as real as all the physical news we read about daily.

The Holy Spirit speaks to us all the time about the spiritual activities going on around us. But we just don’t get to hear Him because of all the “noises” around us.

These "noises" could be physical, soulical or even spiritual. You could be quietly sitting in the lounge reading a novel, but inside you is absolute chaos, with all the pressures and the worries of this world.

These are soulical noises that are going on in you which can easily block out the quiet and the gentle Voice of the Holy Spirit.

One of the pages on this site is about Hearing God's Voice. If you have not read it yet, please click on the link and have a read. It makes interesting reading and will no doubt be of some help to you.

The Bible tells us to “be still” so we can hear His Voice and to know He is our God. The Bible also tells us that ‘our eyes have not seen, our ears have not heard, nor has it entered our hearts, all the good things the Lord has prepared for those who love Him and those whom He has called for His purpose.

Please, do take the time to ‘be still” before our God. Early mornings just before getting out of bed is an ideal time to be still. It is also a good time to hand over your day to the Lord Jesus Christ so that He takes control. You will be amazed at how much you can achieve through out the day when He is TRULY IN CONTROL.

In this newsletter we try to encourage each other on how to be able to discern the Spirit of God. Each person in the group has a different way of receiving from the Holy Spirit, but you will noticed the end messages, are ALWAYS THE SAME. Glory to God.

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