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Power Scriptures

Power Scriptures are scriptures that guarantee the presence and the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. These are scriptures that the Lord personally commanded us to use or apply in our lives.

The other power scriptures come from the apostles through their personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Lord Jesus Christ is God's Word Himself, therefore when He says, "Truly, Truly or Verily, Verily, I (Word Himself) say unto you," we must take special note of what He is about to say next.

God and His Word are One. So when the Lord goes through the trouble to "double emphasize" something, the advice (in the sentence) has to be very important to Him.

In other words, in Power Scriptures, the Lord Himself "guarantees" that His Word will work every time it is applied.

He is the Guarantee. He is God's Word and He had given us His Word. He is the Word Himself. How much more assurance is that? He is the "Blessed Assurance".

God and His Word are One. He is that Word He has given you. His presence and Power are in that Word. God is not a man that He would lie.

Therefore Believe, Only Believe saith the Lord.

Now let us look at the first of the Power Scriptures "In My Name". All the Scriptures are from the Amplified Bible. If you would like to start on another text, you can choose one from the left hand Nav Bar column.

In My Name Scriptures




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