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Our Good Deeds

What Good Deeds will get me into heaven? I have been the treasurer for our church for the last 30years. Or I have taught countless number of children about Jesus Christ in sunday school.

Or I am the head pastor of the largest church in the world with a congregation of 500,000 membership. Or I contribute millions of Dollars to charity each year for the good of humanity.

Will these get me into heaven? Unfortunately no good deeds that we ever do, will be good enough for God. They will all be like 'filthy rags" before Him.

But didn't Jesus die for me?

Yes, Jesus died for us, no doubt about that. But He died for our "evil self". You know Adam chose from the tree of the knowledge of "GOOD" and "EVIL". Jesus paid for the "evil" part of that choice. The "good" side of that choice is still very much alive in us and we still want to hang on to that GOOD part of us.

We believe that we have to do Good Deeds to please God.

We want to provide for the church, for the family. We want to do good to others. We want to give tithe to please God. We believe that our good deeds will please God.

Apostle Paul said in Romans chapter 7:19 ". . . every time I try to do GOOD I end up doing evil". Why? Because the GOOD part of me comes from the same tree as the EVIL part of me.

Adam chose the 'Tree of the knowledge of good and evil'. I must understand that Jesus came to deliver me from the 'choice' Adam made for me. Jesus fixed that on the cross but the other half of that 'tree' is still alive in me because I still refuse to let go of the 'good' side of me.

I mistakenly believe that the "good deed" side of me comes from God. I must however understand, as Paul was saying, 'every good deeds we do leads us back to the tree of death.' We end up doing evil without knowing. Who can save us from this wretched person that we are.

Paul went futher in his letter to the Galatians 2:20 saying, I crucify myself in Christ every morning nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ that liveth in me. And this life that I live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God who loves me and gave himself for me.

I have always wondered why Paul wants to be crucified every morning when Jesus had already died for him on the cross. Paul is talking about the daily crucifixion of the "GOOD Paul".

The EVIL Paul was dealt with on the cross 2 thousand years ago. It's the "good Pauls" we must deal with every morning or throughout the day.

The good self-that wants to be self-reliant, that wants to be understood. that wants to be noticed, that wants to provide for his family. The side of us that was to do good deeds.

He (the good self) must die every morning before we get out of bed and we must in it's place, choose from the TREE OF LIFE who is Christ Jesus.

In John 10:10 Jesus says, I came so you may have LIFE in it's abundance. Jesus says He came so we can choose from the Tree of Life one more time. Adam didn't choose it, but we can. Every morning.

It is no longer I but Christ in me that does the thinking, the talking, the looking. In other words I am putting to death my 'good self'. The self that wants to do good deeds.

The good self-that comes from the Tree of the Knowledge of "good" and evil. And choosing instead the 'Tree of Life' to be with me all of today.

So as time goes on and the relationship with LIFE matures, people begin to notice changes in me, my family begin to notice I don't lose my peace as quickly any more. My children find me a bit more patient. What is happening to me? I am beginning to bear 'Fruit' of this Tree. The 'Fruit' of the Spirit, Love, Peace, Joy, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Meekness, Long-Suffering.

Beloveds, as I put my 'good self' to death every morning and choose the Tree of Life Himself to be with me all day, I am not struggling as I used to. He provides for my family or whatever the daily task there may be.

It's no longer I who provides but Christ who handles these daily tasks for me. I just rest in Him. He provides for our needs, He watches our health, He protects us from latent dangers, He gives us the Wisdom for any given situation. What else can I ask for?

The Bible tells us in Ephesians 3:20 "that He is more than able to DO exceedingly abundantly above all that you can ask for or think of, by this GREAT POWER that is WORKETH IN YOU". Glory to God.

No I am not perfect yet and will never on this side of heaven. But I hide in His perfection every day. Sometimes I forget I have given a matter to Him to deal with and yet I try to deal with it on my own too. As soon as I realize what I am doing I run straight to Him for forgiveness and cleansing.

Psalms 103:14 tells us that He knows my frame, that I am made from dust and can never be perfect like His Son Jesus, so he perserveres with me as we continue in our lifelong relationship.

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