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Jesus Life

Jesus Life. I believe that just as we will all be required to give account of our lives to God on judgment day, God also will reveal His reasons for all His actions and judgments throughout time to all of creation to show why He was right and His enemies and critics wrong (Gen. 18: 25/ Isa 43:26). The cornerstone to it all will be who JESUS CHRIST was (and is) and why only He was worthy to be the SAVIOR of the world and no other.

One of the clearest qualifications for a ‘Savior’ was that He had to be without SIN as a sacrificial lamb is without blemish. (Lev 6:6/ 1 Peter 1:19). This symbolized God's personal perfection in His purity and Holiness and in every other aspect of His nature and being.

One of the most contentious subjects which is JESUS’ divinity (God the Son), is revealed in His birth. The other, which I will also discuss here is His SINLESSNESS.

God will not conjure up justifications on that day (of judgment) but will have left very clear ‘evidence’ and proof of HIS righteous acts in His WORD the BIBLE (as documentary evidence) for all to see before that awesome day comes.

In my personal walk with the Lord Jesus, and as an experienced law enforcement officer of many years, I see five (5) very distinct ‘evidences’ revealed in the WORD regarding Jesus life.


In Jesus Life He had no human father. This was necessary so that the sin-containing Adamic blood-line which is passed down through the male (father) to his son (another male) could not be passed on to the Savior–JESUS. Note the ’father BEGOT the son’ genealogy of Jesus from Abraham (and backwards to Adam) e.g. Abraham begot Isaac, Isaac begot Jacob. The women (mothers) are not mentioned.

The reason is because the life of the 'blood' is passed on by the father. Verse 16 gives the last in the blood-line where it says’.. Jacob begot Joseph, "THE HUSBAND OF MARY OF WHOM WAS BORN JESUS…". Note that Joseph did not beget Jesus. Note also that Mary did not beget Jesus; she merely gave birth to HIM.

His begetter was GOD the Holy Spirit – (Luke 1:35.) The absence of a Human father makes Jesus come from a "BRAND NEW" blood-line. The Word tells us Jesus Life is not of the 'seed of man' but of a woman. The ‘seed of a woman' (woman-kind). . .’ who is to bruise the head of the serpent (Genesis 3:15). Jesus Life blood therefore held NO SIN.


Just as importantly Jesus had to be the eternal (uncreated) God Himself and not a lesser created being and this is confirmed throughout the Bible but very clearly in the Gospel of John 1: 1- 3. ‘ In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was (or is) God…(v 13) …and the Word became flesh (Jesus) and dwelt among us…’

Sin is described as ‘falling short of the glory of God' (Rom 3:23). God’s glory is Jesus Life, perfect unchanging and eternal (without beginning or end) Holy nature, character and attributes – the depths the height, the length and breadth of which fallen man cannot now comprehend, much-less achieve and attain within his own resources. (Isa 55: 8-9)

And therein lays my (sinners’) problem. God created me sinless to live a life like Jesus Life, in eternal holy splendor with him but I have sinned and now ‘fall short of the Glory of God’. I cannot therefore stand for a moment before God without being annihilated by His very pure Presence, yet He so yearns for me (John 3:16).

The only solution to my problem is to find a sacrifice that fully meets and can contain the ‘Glory of God’(as in Isa 55:8-9) to offer to Him for my forgiveness. The Glory from which I have fallen short. No such thing or being exists in all of creation – spirit or physical.

The animal sacrifices although initiated by God were finally discarded as unsatisfactory because animals do not and cannot contain God's Glory (Heb 10: 5-9). God's Glory is found only in God Himself and there is only One God (No other God like Me – Bible verse).

As a Police Officer I am familiar with the ‘Scales of Justice’ held by the blind-folded lady Justice which represent the support for and against the accused. In the Bible times the ‘scale’ was a common item used in commercial transactions to measure value.

When the scales weighed down with the goods and the counter were balanced the true and accepted value was established and payment made accordingly. King Balthazar of Babylon was ‘weighed in the balance, and found wanting…’(Dan 5:27)

‘God's Glory’ is the standard used by God as a measure in His balance. I am standing (so to speak) on the left side of the scale and God in all His eternal incomprehensible and incomparable Glory to the right side of the scale. The right scale is so heavy it tips as if there was nothing on the left. All the Angels and Saints can try to help by standing with me on the scale but it would make no difference for we are all mere creations.

The one and only solution is that, that same God (the uncreated Eternal Creator) who is on the right side of the scale comes onto my side. Only then will the equilibrium be restored. The good news is that God (on the right side) has come across to our side through our Lord Jesus Christ. Only God can meet His own Holy Standards.

Only God can balance God. Jesus told Phillip ‘He who has seen Me has seen the Father…. The equilibrium has been achieved in Jesus Life – therefore Jesus is fully God - has been and will always be my GOD, HalleluYAH.


Satan is the father of SIN. His temptations in Jesus Life were direct personal attack on Him. The reason being that there was no sin in Jesus even after 30 years of life as a human being. Satan therefore tried to introduce sin into Jesus Life to disqualify Him from being the Savior. Satan's failure proved Jesus’ continued sinlessness since birth. He again tempted Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane but to no avail. Knowing that Jesus was sinless Satan still took His life - What a big mistake.


Judas was a disciple of Jesus. He lived and walked with the Master for three(3) and a half years. If anyone knew Jesus Life well, Judas would be one.

All Adam's children have ‘skeletons in the closet’. When in public we put on ‘masks’. But in private we are different people (hypocrites). The only people who know us well are our family members. If Jesus had any ‘skeletons in the closet’, Judas was the man to reveal them to the world. Yet he confessed that he had ‘betrayed innocent blood..’. This declares the innocence and sinlessness of the man placed on trial.


Pontius Pilate occupied a very unique position in this whole plan of God. He represented the Roman government:- which was then the ruling world authority as symbolized by the ‘..legs of iron…image' in King Nebuchadnezzar’s’ dream (Daniel 2: 31-35).

- When Pilate declared Jesus ‘innocent’, Rome declared Jesus innocent and through Rome all governments of the world past, present and future declare Jesus life INNOCENT therefore SINLESS.

- By the same token all earthly governments share in Rome’s guilt of the judicial murder (of the Son of God) thus showing their utter corruption and unworthiness to rule on this earth, as well as in the next.

- What Pilate's god (Satan) did in the spiritual and heavenly realms, he (Pilate) did in the physical and earthly realms – both "WORLD" knew Jesus Life was ‘innocent’ yet gave Him the Death Sentence – big mistake for both.


The convicted criminal on the right rebuked the other on the left by saying "... And we indeed justly, for we (you and I) receive the due reward (crucifixion) for our deeds, but this man had done nothing wrong. The criminal on the left did not dispute his counterpart's statement of Jesus' innocence (He kept silent) so they both agreed and declared Jesus' innocence.

The crucifixion was reserved for the criminals so these criminals were making a representation on behalf of all other criminals past present and future in declaring to the government and the rest of humanity that Jesus was not a criminal and that He should not have been hanging there with them.

Given these evidences of the sinlessness and innocence of Jesus life, it is easier for me to understand and accept that his resurrection was a foregone conclusion.

Death's power to hold man in the grave comes through man's own sin. God told Adam ‘ for dust you are and to dust you shall return’ (Gen.3:19). Also ‘for as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive’ (1 cor.15: 22).

‘Death’ is not natural. Man was never meant to die. He was supposed to live forever with his maker in eternity but it was sin and lawlessness that brought death to him.

Jesus who had no sin said ‘ I lay down my Life… no-one takes it from me ‘. Death could not touch Jesus Life unless He expressly ‘permitted’ it to do so. Therefore even after it had taken Jesus Life, it could not hold Him in the grave for any length of time then what was allowed by God the Father.

Therefore Jesus did not ‘break-out’ of the grave which would have been unlawful. He walked out freely after having paid in full all of Adam-kinds’ sins.

In our justice system when an accused person has been found ‘guilty’ as charged, a’ warrant of commitment’ is issued by the court. This document contains all particulars of the now ‘convicted’ person, the charge, findings of courts and the ‘penalty’ or the sentence imposed and duration of sentence. all signed, stamped and delivered. This document is now the legal authority which empowers the Commissioner or the Chief Warden for Corrective Services to legally incarcerate the convicted felon.

In God's justice system all of Adam-kind have been convicted and sentenced to death. A ‘warrant of commitment' has been issued signed and stamped by the most high God himself for each and every one of us. Jesus Life on the other hand was sinless, therefore ‘no warrant of commitment ‘was ever issued for Him.

In my wildest imagination, I can imagine Jesus asking satan to produce a ‘warrant’ with His (Jesus) name on it. Of course not being able to, satan throwing a tantrum that is heard all through out hell.

All authority in the heavenly places (satan’s kingdom) and on earth (Caesar's kingdom) (Matt 28:18) and even under the earth (Phil 2:10) have been rightfully and lawfully transferred back to Jesus.

There are many who dispute Jesus' resurrection as a myth and that His body is still in the grave somewhere in Israel. On what legal basis, may I ask, does the grave have to hold onto His body?

No, no, no. Jesus Christ is very much alive, halleluYah.

He is standing at the door of your heart right this very moment knocking gently and lovingly (rev 3:20) He wants you to open the door and invite Him into your life. He wants to set you free from the grave and the terror associated with it.

He wants to heal you, He wants to give your security, He wants to prosper you. He wants to remove the curse brought upon you by sin and give you His eternal life- now, that will take you beyond the grave into eternity which was from the very beginning - your destiny.

May the Living God be glorified through His Son Jesus Christ, now and forever more.

Yahshua Ha Yahweh. Amen

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