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Leadership Attacks - the three most common

Leadership Attacks. Whenever a someone appointed by God is beginning to prosper or move up in life, the Bible in Numbers 16:1-4, tells us of a spirit that begins to complain and the complaints are in three forms.

redarrow 1. “You always assume a lot to yourself”

You always have all the powers. Why don’t you delegate to us. These people have no interest in helping people but what they want is SOME OF THAT POWER that is on you. So they can be equal to you. Similarly satan told God that he (satan) will ascend and rise above where he will make his throne on high. The same spirit always want to rise above their leaders.

redarrow 2. “all the members of the community belongs to the Lord and the Lord is with us all the time”

Why do you want us to have fellowship all the time. Not all of us are like you. Some of us are not Christians. We can come if we want to. If we want to attend fellowship we will. Or if we want to come to work we will. Why should we always be honest in our duties, why should we not lie when we want to. We are not all Christians. In fact the Lord is with us too. He loves us too. So why should we listen to you. God hears us DIRECTLY. We don’t need you. This is a common complaint against someone chosen by God.

redarrow 3. “Who made you our leader. Who appointed you"

We don’t remember voting for you. There was no consultation with us by anyone to make you boss over us. We don’t know how GOD appointed you. You are not our choice. Anyway I don’t report to you. I have my own boss and he does not complaint on the way I handle things, so why should you complain. The previous supervisor was better then you.

These are always the 3 main complaints in the church, in a church committee, at work place, wherever. This complaining spirit is the "spirit of KORAH".

In verse 31 of Numbers 16, God kills Korah and his family and everything Korah owned, plus the 250 other supporters of his.

Later the whole congregation complained against Moses for the killing Korah and the others, and again God kills 14,700. If Moses and Aaron did not uphold the incense plate to GOD, the number could have been more.(verse 41 – 50)

Beloveds, as christians we have to be careful in what we say about those God has appointed to watch over us, least God's anger is directed towards us. If you are a leader who is constantly facing these types of attacks, knowing this information can help you and your family or team to pray specifically against this spirit. May God bless you all.

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