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Mighty People of God

Mighty People of God. That's who you are. If only you could see what God sees in you. God does not want His children to be cowardly and weak. He want His children to rise and have the Power and Authority He has given them through the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ.

Many Christians have not come to this place of Power and Authority yet and so their prayers are all about asking God for help in this and help in that.

God wants us to Rise, Declare, and Live It.

My son does not have to come to me every time he wants to play with his toys. He can have them, claim or declare or use them at anytime he wants.

God knows all our hearts desires even before we ask or pray. Therefore let us pray about our needs "once only" and spend the rest of time, thanking Him.

The angel of God came to Gideon and told him, "You mighty fearless man of valor. . ." That troubled Gideon because he was physically a weakling. Even his answer showed that he knew he was a weakling.

But God saw differently. Beloved if only ALL the Christians can see what the Lord sees in them right now. What a wonderful place this would be.

In 1Tim 4:14 Paul advises young Timothy not to despise what man of God have spoken over his life by the laying of hands.

Verse 14 says "Do not neglect the gift in you, which was given you by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of the body of elders. Verse 15 Meditate on these things; be in these things in order that your improvement may appear to all.

Paul was telling Timothy that what you have heard is how God thinks of you. Do not think otherwise.

Our Loving God is telling us, "Go, you fearless men of great valor, Go, Go, Go. I am with you all the way. Go!

Beloveds, you may have been born and raised among the chickens of this world, but you are an eagle. God's eagle. Flap your wings and see. You were born for heights, higher than any birds of this world. Go! You mighty fearless men of great valor. GO GET EM FOR THE LORD!!!

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