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Second Coming of the Lamb of God - Are you Ready


Are You Ready for the Second Coming? If The Lord were to come tonight, or tomorrow or the following week, how certain are you that He will call on your name to join Him in the clouds?

Death will not give us any notice of its coming and if we have not prepared our hearts for the Lamb of God to rule as a King and death suddenly befalls us. It might be too late.

As I thought about what this other police officer had said, there was truth and urgency in what he said. Death can come at any time. Therefore I need to be prepared Now. In case I am caught by surprise and will not have time to repent.

We cannot repent from the grave. Some people are able to give their lives to the Lord from their deathbed. But what about those who have not given their lives to GOD but died in serious car accidents, or plane crashes or from gunshot wounds. In my line of duty as a police officer, I have seen death in action many times. The first thought that always comes to me when I deal with the remains are, 'Did he or she have a chance to repent before his or her death. Was it so sudden they did not have a chance to do so'. Many times a deep compassion comes over me in these situation as all these thoughts go on in my mind. Beloved the time to repent is NOW. No, "if and when" please!!! Many a times I have stared straight into the face of death through its agents. People who were so keen to take me out as a representative of the Law. I can only give thanks to the Lamb of God for His protection over my life in those occasions. Many of my colleagues did not make it back from these operations.

Death does not discriminate. I have seen people shot up badly and yet survived. I have also seen people get a simple superficial nick and yet died. Where is the cut off point between life-and-death. People say death is just a breath away. We might not have the chance to use that last breath for repentance. Beloveds, the time to repent is NOW, while we still have plenty of breath in us. Let us not take life-and-death for grant.

At the second coming, the Lamb of God will no longer be a Saviour. Time for doing all the saving is now, during this probation period. When the probation period closes and the Saviour switches role to became the King of kings and descends to collect His subjects, anyone not prepared to accept Him as their King will be judged (or left out) accordingly. Whether or not we join Him is BY OUR OWN FREE CHOICE NOW. May God bless you and your family and may His Wisdom be upon you now to make that right choice.



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