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YAHSHUA Shall Be His Name

YahshuaYahshua shall be His Name, and whosoever calls upon this Name shall be saved.

This is a very powerful promise made by the Holy Spirit to the mother of the Lamb of God.

The Lamb is coming back very soon and the devil knows it. So is the devil just going to roll over and die?

I don't think so. As a police officer in my country, I am seeing many changes in crime trends.

The speed and the frequency at which serious crimes are committed in the country, is fast approaching levels we have never seen before.

Beloveds, we need God now more so then we ever did in the past. We need to know what our position is in God and what powers and authority we have, before it is too late.

The Bible tells us that everything that has A NAME, whether it is the angels or the demons or cancer or poverty or fear or natural disaster or whatever, as long as it has a name, it is subject to the Name of Yahshua.

They must surrender to that Name because it is superior to every name in the three realms: Heaven, earth, and under the earth!

I use the Name here because that is His Hebrew Name. That is the Name He used while He was on earth.

Men have transliterated that name to Jesus which is now commonly accepted everywhere in the world. I would rather call on the Hebrew Name the early church used.

Am I being legalistic here? No but it is a personal choice. I would rather use His personal Hebrew Name, the Name Holy Spirit brought to the young Jewish virgin telling her that whosoever calls on this name shall be saved.

I would rather use the Name He was baptized in at river Jordan, when the voice came down from Heaven, saying ' This is my Son, in whom I am well pleased'. I would rather use the Name He was crucified in.

The Name which broke the bondages and the chains of hell and defeated the devil.

Yahshua-is-His-Name-2The Name Yahshua, that is well-known in hell and its surrounds. The Name which sends shivers down the spine of the enemies.

There is Power in that Jewish Name. There is Authority in that Jewish Name.

As Christians, the Name of the Lamb of God belongs to us. We have to have faith in the Name before that it will produce results for us.

The Authority is in the Name, but that Authority must be backed up by Power.

And the Power is in the PERSON of Meschiach (Messiah). If we do not have the Person or the Presence of the Lamb of God in us, all our declarations and professions will be to no benefit.

When we first use the name, the devil looks around to see who is giving the commands.

When he does not see the Presence of the Lamb of God in us, he simply ignores the commands, even if they are given in the Name of Yahshua. There is an example of this in the Bible about the sons of Sceva.

If we need to use the Name of the Living God in the fullness that He wants us to we must ask for the continual INFILLING of His Presence.

The Lord tells us in the book of John, "If you abide in Me and I ABIDE IN YOU, ask anything you want in My Name and it shall be done for you by My Father.

The continual Presence of the Lamb of God is important. The Name has the Authority but it is the Presence (Power) that brings fear to the devil.

When the devil sees Yahshua in you, he has no choice but to submit to what you are commanding.

GOD wants us to have Power and Authority because HE LOVES US


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