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Christian Singles


Christian Singles. Many Christians are single due to various reasons. Some are by choice while others are not and singleness can be hard at times…

but that does not mean it is bad, or wrong, or outside God’s will. Jesus himself was single; so was Paul. Many of the holy people we can think of are or were single!

A single person is just as much a beloved son or daughter of God. To be single is not to be half a person.

The Bible itself gives good reasons for God wanting some people to be single.

Paul says that he wishes all men were single, like him, so they could devote themselves to serving Christ without the distraction of a family.

What does God call those who are single to do? There are three important things to bear in mind:

Firstly that God loves to answer prayer. If you are concerned about being single, bring this to God. Bring him all the pain, the worry, the need that wells up within you.

Ask him to guide you and provide for all your needs. Do be prepared for him to answer your prayers in surprising ways, though!

Secondly, it is important to offer him your singleness. He is a remarkable God, who can transform even the most painful and make it good. It often won’t feel like it, but looking back we will see that he has done the miraculous.

Make the most of what you can do and be. Live life to the full and be who you are. When single you have a freedom that brings great opportunity, and sadness over what you don’t have must never rob you of what you do have .

Thirdly, enjoy your friends. All relationships are a reflection of God’s creation in us. Every friendship is different, and we should rejoice in them as gifts from God.

There is nothing wrong with ‘looking for love'. We were all made to love and be loved. God bless you all.

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