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The Lamb of God is ABLE


The Lamb of God is Able. He "hangeth the earth upon nothing" is a very powerful statement on it's own.

And yet, when my family and I come to God for deliverance of any kind, we are prone to try to discover what material God has on hand to work on, in coming to our relief.

We give our needs to the Lamb of God and yet, in the very next occasion we try to help God to achieve these needs, as if His hands are waxed short.

If we are praying for financial help, we tend to look over the community to see if we can think of anyone or any institutions like the Banks whom the Lord might influence to lend us some money. If there are no apparent probabilities in that direction, we find it difficult to believe for hard cash.

If it is employment we need for our children who have just left school, we make diligent inquiries in the industrial centers, and if we find that the shops, stores, and Public Service are more than full-handed, it is pretty hard work to be hopeful that we are going to get work.

If we are ill and there is no hopeful signs or relief from pain, it is not at all easy to convince ourselves that we are going speedily to recover.

It is our human tendency to look and crave for something in sight that will help the Lord out. In time of need, if we can only find a little of something for Lamb of God to begin on, we seem to be much better satisfied. To need a sum of money and not to be able to think of a friend, a man, or a financial institution from which it might be obtained, gives a dark background to the scene.

To need work, and to find that throngs of others as needy as yourself are also idle, makes the human outlook very dark. To be in bed day after day, feeling no better, but rather worse, bills increasing, business suffering, and patience giving out, makes a situation in which relief does not seem very probable. The trouble is, there does not appear to be a single human prospect to begin on. The outlook is all liabilities, with no resources to help out.

Now, as God’s children, what is the real situation? What is our position in Him? Are there nothing but liabilities? Much in every way. Are there no resources? Yea, thousands, millions, billions, trillions. Where are they? Above you, below you, around you. Earth and air are full of wealth untold.

Can’t see it? We don’t need to see it. All we need to do is keep our eyes on Him.

Just think a moment. It is not at all necessary for you to see help in sight, nor is it really necessary for God to have any relief on hand. The Lamb of God does not need anything to begin on. “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” What did he make them out of? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

When the earth was made, what did he hang it on? “He . . . hangeth the earth upon nothing.” Pretty satisfactory earth to be made of nothing! Remember, not a scrap of anything was used in making it. It hangs all right, doesn’t it? Very well, then. A God who can make an earth, a sun, a moon, and stars out of nothing, and keep them all hanging on nothing, can supply all your needs, whether He has anything to begin to work with or not.

My family and I are just coming to this place to trust the Lamb of God more and more and He has been faithful to see us through, though He has to make all our supplies out of nothing. Glory to God Indeed.

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