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Second Coming of the Lamb of God and Simple Faith


Second Coming and Simple Faith. The Lamb of God is always impressed when someone puts his faith into action. Let us look at the story of the Roman Centurion and how he impressed Jesus. When Jesus offered to go to the house of the Roman Centurion to heal his sick servant, the Centurion simply said, Sir, you don't have to come to my place. Just give me your Word and it shall be as you say.

The Lamb of God did not let this go without a comment for the benefit of all the Jews around him, including His own disciples. And I am going to use my own words to create the scene.

Did you hear what the man just said. All he wanted was a word from me. That is exactly what I have been trying to teach you all these years.

What is this ‘faith’ that Jesus is trying to get his disciples to understand. A simple straightforward ‘hearing and believing’ in everything He said. No questions need to be asked, no buts, no if, no nothing. If God said it, then let it be so. Don’t question it, EVEN WHEN what you may be seeing may not in line with what God had said. Just let go and let God. He knows better.

Simple Faith should be “if God/Jesus said it, then that should be good enough for me” end of story. The Centurion wanted to hear it from the Lamb of God himself and that would be good enough for him. Jesus did not have to come to his house.

As Christians we are all trying to apply faith but many us don’t know how. There is a simple way to practice faith – and it is all with just one verse.

Faith is believing God’s promises. There is a promise in God’s Word that is applicable in every situation we are in:

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

The more you can truly believe that every situation you are in can turn out for good - the more faith you have.

Try thinking of the Lamb of God's promise in all kinds of situations:

    red-arrowSomeone cuts you off in traffic
    red-arrowYour boy or girlfriend breaks up with you
    red-arrowSomething you own destroyed
    red-arrowSomeone is mean to you

Maybe God is developing your patience, maybe he's causing you to be late to avoid a car wreck, maybe your relationship broke up to save you from a worse heartbreak later in life.

You might not even figure out why God allowed something to happen, but if you remember His promise and try to consider why He allowed it to happen - you are living in faith. Even if you haven't figured out the good that will come of your situation, just trying to figure it out assumes that you believe God is trying to do something good. And that is simple faith.

The less you think on God's promises in your situations - the less faith you will have.

The quicker you are to remember God's promises when an issue arises - the more you see the situation from His perspective and therefore the more faith you have.

So remember this in all situations and your faith will start to grow. "All things God works for the good of those who love him."



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