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Police Officer and Lamb of God


Police Officer and Lamb of God. As the police officer waded into the river for baptism, the pastor's assistant politely asked if he needed any help with the removal of his uniform. The officer replied, "Before I was in my mother's womb, the Lord knew me and called me to be a police officer.

So the uniform is part of His calling too, don't you think so?"

After the baptism, one of the other pastors commented that he had never seen any person baptized before in a full police uniform." Beloveds, I did not realize baptism in full uniform (peak cap, notebook, firearm and all) would cause such a stir later.

You see, I had just given my life to the Lord. What He had done on the cross for me had just become a reality. I didn't care much about the standard of dress for baptism. All I knew was that He "touched" me as a police officer and I was merely responding, uniform and all. Didn't He say "Come as you are and I will give you rest".

What a glorious time that was for the family and I. Yes the whole family, including my 70-year old dad, went under the water with me. Every time I think back to that day in 2003, it brings tears to my eyes, of the love that flowed then and still does now, for the Lord Jesus and for my family.

Many a times as a mere human being, I let Jesus down, no doubt about that. Sometimes I react to circumstances without thinking and sin as a result. But I have always made it my business to immediately run to Jesus to repent and confess all my sins. And to ask Him to forgive me, which He does ever so willingly.

I know Jesus Christ loves me so much that He is quick to forgive me and clean me of all the unrighteousness I am involved in (not for my sake but for His own sake). You see, He is a Righteous GOD and therefore unrighteousness cannot exist in the same environment as He.

The Living GOD wants to be "ONE" with me through His Son Jesus Christ, but my sins and unrighteousness can become an obstacle. So when I confess to Jesus from my heart, He is quick to clean and restore me. What a loving GOD we serve.

Psalms 103:14 also tells me that He knows my frame that I am made of dust. And that I can never be perfect like His Son Jesus Christ. So He lovingly perseveres with me. But He still wants me to be sensitive to sin so they (sin) do not get in the way of our love for one another.

Beloveds, whether you are a police officer or a military personnel or a civilian, the Living God loves us. If you have not yet given your life to Him, I pray that you will do so soon. Come as you are. He is in the business of cleaning. Let Him clean you. Because after He finishes, you will never be the same again.

Come and experience this Love. It's like nothing you have ever experienced before on this side of Heaven. I beg you not to wait too long. The Lamb of God is coming soon to collect His own kind. Are you ready to meet with Him?

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