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Receiving the Lamb of God as your personal Savior

Receiving the Lamb of God as your personal Savior is the only way to eternal life and I would like to invite those who don't personally know the Him to reach out and received Him Now.

Many "know of" the Lamb as Jesus Christ of Nazareth but do not "know" Him personally. His Word tells us that He will tell "a lot of people" to depart from Him because He knows them not. And many of these will be from the house of faith (christians)

Bloodied-jcTherefore, I urge you to please reach out to Him NOW. If we were all to die tonight or if the Lamb of God were to come tonight, how sure are you that He will know you by name and call you to meet Him in the clouds?

Come to Him now while He is still pleading and interceeding for you as your HIGH PRIEST. Come now while He is still our SAVIOR.

How do we do that, John? The Bible tells us that those who "confess" with their lips and "believe" with their heart that Jesus is Lord, shall be saved.

Utter this simple (but very powerful) prayer with me and believe with all your heart that Yahshua is LORD and our soon to come KING and you shall be saved.

No fanfare, no lightning, no thunder, no nothing. Just a quiet personal committment between YOU AND YOUR GOD. He values that very much.

Click here to utter the PRAYER OF SALVATION


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