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Healing Scriptures

May the "Healing Hand" of God be upon you

Healing Scriptures give life to our decaying bodies. Ministering the Healing Words to our bodies' everyday is one-way to keep in good shape.

The Word of God is Life and Spirit. Every time you read a healing scripture and meditate on it, the dynamics of your body begin to adjust to what it is hearing.

For instance, if you are reading a sad novel the mechanics of your body will align to what you are reading and react accordingly. If you are reading about ghosts stories, obviously your system will react according to what you are subjecting it to.

It is the same when you declare healing scriptures. You might not notice the effects immediately but the dynamics are already into play. We need to tell our bodies that we are the healed of the Lord. The declarations have to be continual.

Every time we declare healing scriptures over our lives and our family's, our bodies begin to adjust in the spiritual and physical realms to comply with the declarations.

It is a Spiritual Law. We become what we say we are. Like the Spiritual Law of Gravity, it is always there. But when you apply it, it will immediately go into action whether you like it or not.

Every time you step off the edge of a building, you set the Spiritual law of gravity into motion.

It is the same when we declare God's healing scriptures. We set into motion spiritual laws that govern healing in the physical realm.

Any form of Faith (healing included) cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. You keep hearing it all the time; you will soon become one with it.

The book of Proverbs tells us the power of Life-and-Death is in our mouth. If you want Life in your body, read aloud healing scriptures everyday. You must physically hear the scriptures. You cannot just "hear" them in your thoughts.

Here are some Scriptures you may like to use everyday. There is one for every day of the month. Print it out and stick it on your freeze door or the mirror in the bathroom. This way you are able to have easy access to a scripture whenever you need one.

Healing Scriptures from Old Testament
is now live. Click to Read testimonies of people written off as no-hopers, coming back to life and giving glory to God.
Your Healing Faith.
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