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Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ

jesus-and-a-shepherdMy Personal Relationship with the Lord started in year 2000. When I first gave my life to the Lord during a church service, a "complete awareness" came over me. It was as if all my senses had a total makeover. The vividness of different colors of clothing worn by the people in the church and how individuals worshiped stood out clearly to me.

I also became aware of my own uncleanliness. The alcohol that was still swirling around in my veins from the big drink up at the officers mess the night before. The presence of the most Holy God makes you feel dirty and unworthy. I did not want to be in the same universe with him, much less in the same church building, in case I tarnish His presence with my uncleanliness.

My immediate thoughts were to go away and clean myself. But a loving thought kept coming to me. "Come as you are and let Me wash and clean you" The Lord was asking for a Personal Relationship with me.

Then I felt a deep, deep cry of resignation and helplessness coming from somewhere else. It did not feel like it was coming from me, but I noticed tears started rolling off the tip of my nose on to the concrete floor. It was me and I was sobbing somewhere deep within me.

I can't explain in English what I was going through. These tears and the sobs were not coming from anywhere in my six foot plus frame. I felt like I had become so huge like the universe and somewhere deep deep in me (in this huge universe) was coming this cry and the tears, which would physically flow out of my eyes.

I felt my tear ducts and the lump in my throat were not able to hold these "mega tears" that were coming from somewhere deep within the 'Universe' in me.

I now am beginning to understand what the Bible means by the deep calling to the deep. It is all about a deep Personal Relationship. God's Eternal Universe calling to a portion of Eternity which He created in you. Glory to God.

baptism-by-holy-spiritBeloved, this experience brings you to a place where you just cannot stop talking about Him. Eight years later and I still talking about Him with the same vigour. Every chance we have I am out there ministering or preaching about Him and the Personal Relationship He wants to have with us. You may have read in one of the pages of this site titled 'A Police Officer and The Lamb of God'. It is about my baptizm in full police uniform.

The deep hunger to know Him, to fellowship with Him, to communion with Him, to talk with Him, to walk with Him, to sing of Him, to have a Personal Relationship with Him, is more than words can express. It gets better and better by the moment. Sometimes I think of the Apostles of Jesus, when they came to this place, nothing in the whole world could stop them preaching.

Am I now made perfect? No I am still much the same person I was, however my daily walk and communion with him over the years has caused me too see life differently from what I used too. I am more relaxed now. I hand all my worries to Him to handle. I just walk with him while He carries my load. My Personal Relationship with the Lord has spilled over into my family life as well. I love my family a lot more now then I ever did. My wife more so. I now spend a lot time with them than I used to. My attitude to life in general has really taken a major turn and I thank God and give Him all the glory. Halleluiyah

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