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Make Daily Prayer Your Habit

Make daily prayer your habit. Once you have become accustomed to spending time with God each day, you will not want to be without it.

To some people, prayer is simply a religious act. Others pray because it gives them a sense of relief. Through prayer they can verbally express their problems. But prayer is much more.

Prayer is talking to God in total trust, knowing that He will answer the prayer according to His Word. Jesus said, "Ask, and it will be given to you.”

This is the first level of prayer, where you bring your requests to God. Be assured that He will hear and answer as you pray according to His Word.

There is another level of prayer where you just spend time with God. If you have a very good friend, you like to spend time with that person, often for no specific reason.

That is the way it is with God. Yes, I bring prayer requests to God, but most of my prayer time is spent just being in His presence.

I worship Him, tell Him how much I love Him, and praise Him for what He has done for me. Also, by simply being in God's presence in prayer, He can speak quietly inside me, bringing words of strength or correction into my life.

As you develop in this area, it will become a powerful source of strength. You can talk to God at any time and anywhere-in your car, in your bedroom, or even when you are out for a walk.

There are hundreds of promises in the Bible concerning prayer. In one of them He says, "Call to me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know."

Make Holy Spirit Your Helper



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