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Total Repentance

Total Repentance cuts deeper than we think. It means that you willfully turn from sin and make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life.

This is not just an emotion or a feeling of sorrow for one's sins and failures.To some people this is just a concept, but it must be much more; it must be reality.

Repentance is a renouncing of any lifestyle that is contrary to the Bible and an acceptance of the new lifestyle that God gives you.

This involves obedience to God's Word. It is like a one hundred and eighty degree turnaround. We turn from self-centeredness to a Jesus-centered lifestyle. What matters now is what He says and what He wants for your life.

After repentance, God tells us to believe. Basically, that means to believe the things we talked about in the previous chapter.

Believe that Jesus Christ died for you and rose again and is alive today. Believing is more than mental acknowledgment. It means trust in and complete reliance on Christ. Then the third component is:




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