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Explanation of Names

In the True Prayer of Salvation, you will notice that I have used some names that you may not be familiar with. These are Hebrew names of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

It is my personal choice to use Hebrew names which were used by the early church when administering the Prayer of Salvation. I believe that administering the prayer of salvation is a very important part of one's Eternal Salvation and therefore must be done correctly. Hallelu-YAH.

God has never changed. He said the Heavens and the Earth shall pass away, but His Word will always remain the same, even unto the end of ages. Men has changed. Ways of worship have changed. The Holy texts translated from one language to another. Names of characters, transliterated to suit  the "new languages".

I believe that in order to administer the prayer of salvation properly we need to go back to the beginning for reference.

When the Holy Spirit came to this young jewish virgin He told her in her native Hebrew to name her yet to be born Son "YAHSHUA".

The Holy Spirit said, You shall name Him "YAHSHUA" and whosoever calls on this Name shall be "SAVED".

Beloved, later on the LORD Himself mentioned in Matthew 7:22, 23 , that in the endtimes he will tell a lot of people, including those from the house of faith to "depart from Him" because He will "not know them".

See how the people will respond. Lord, did we not minister in YOUR NAME, did we not raise the dead in YOUR NAME, did we not baptise people in YOUR NAME? and yet the Lord will tell them to depart.

I believe the modern day churches have "lost" all its powers because of these changes. We seem to have a form of godliness but sadly with no power. 

We hear preachers say there is power in the Name of our Lord, but the question is, are we using the "same name" Apostle Paul and the other greats of the early church used? The Name that gave them so much power to conquer the world.

So beloveds, the least my family and I can do, is to go back to basics and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us.

In the Prayer of Salvation, you will see the following Hebrew words:


Hebrew for Father or Daddy


Hebrew reference to the ALMIGHTY GOD


"YAH" "Shua" or "YAHWEH" "SHUA" means "GOD" "Saves". You shall call Him "YAHSHUA" or "GOD SAVES", so when anyone calls on this Name, it reminds God of His Redemptive Promise to SAVE.  Remember God is a "Covenant" God.Therefore anything outside the covenant, He is not obliged to act. In this case the (specific) Name He gave, is the condition of this covenant. 

 Yahshua Himself told His disciples to ask "in HIS NAME" and His Father will do it, because His Name "Yahshua" in itself is a Covenant as far as God is concerned.


"Breath" "the" "Holy" or The Holy Breath or The Holy Spirit.

Prayer of Salvation



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