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Know Your Benefits

You must know your benefits. Once you are saved, you will very quickly come to realize that you have an enemy-the devil. He has now lost his grip over you and doesn't like it. You can resist him and win over every temptation he throws your way by using the name of Jesus and the Word of God.

Unless you let him, he cannot steal the gift of salvation God has given you. So don't let him. Since the devil cannot steal the gift of God, he will try to deceive you concerning this gift.

He will try to make it seem less than it really is, so it is important that you know what the benefits of salvation really are. Your sins are forgiven.

The Bible says, "There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit"

Whatever happened in your past, whatever mistakes were made, you are now forgiven. God remembers them no more, so why should you?

A miracle has taken place. Your name has been recorded in the Book of Life in heaven. You have gone from death to life.

You have been translated from one kingdom into another - from darkness into the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Colossians 1: 13

Just as you are subject to new laws when you enter another country, so you are now subject to the laws and benefits of God.

You don't have to live in guilt or fear anymore. You are free. I encourage you to take a moment every day, and praise God for this freedom.

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