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Your Spiritual Food

Your Spiritual Food will be the Word of God therefore it is important that you begin to develop good habits. Study the Word of God every day. It is your source of strength.

Just as the physical body is weak without food, so your spiritual life will be weak without spiritual food.

You can receive strong Bible teaching in the local church, often several times a week, but that will not compensate for your own personal reading of the Word of God.

If you are new to the Bible, begin with the second book of the New Testament, the Gospel of Mark, which gives you a brief overview of the life of Jesus.

Then study the fourth book of the New Testament, the Gospel of John, which explains in depth what salvation is.

After reading those two books, I encourage you to start from the beginning of the New Testament, and read all of its twenty-seven books.

Then, of course, you will want to read the entire Bible from beginning to end.

Make Daily Prayer your habit



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