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Receiving and Following Christ

Our part is receiving and following Christ. Salvation is like a successful marriage. It takes two. In a marriage it is not enough if only the man or the woman is committed.

One partner can be full of love and enthusiasm while the other is cold and distant. Of course this will not work. If you want to enjoy the benefits of human love you have to receive it.

This is also true concerning God's love. You have to willingly receive what Jesus did when He took your sins. He did this for us whether we choose to receive it or not. We can open our hearts to it or remain closed and indifferent.

I believe the reason you are reading this is because you want to experience God's love or because you have already received Jesus as your Lord.

Receiving salvation is not a passive acknowledgment that Jesus died for you. It is an active willful decision to trust in Him and know that He died and rose again for you. 

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