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Salvation is Abundance

Salvation is Abundance means that once you are saved, you have access to God's blessings in your life socially, emotionally, financially - in every way.

The list of your salvation benefits could go on and on, so I have summarize several of these blessings under the heading of "Abundance".

Once you are saved, you come under the umbrella of God's blessings. Through prayer, involve God in your daily life! He wants to bless your family, your finances, and your job - whatever you set your hand to do.

Just remember, when you begin to notice the positive changes in your life, give God the glory.

Praise Him every day, and never believe that it is your own skill and ability that causes you to advance and prosper. Rather, it is because of God's blessing on your life.

You can be a Winner, if you want



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