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You can be a Winner


Now you might think that this new life is all benefits, joy, and blessing, without any opposition. Nothing can be further from the truth!

You have received something precious from God, and the devil wants to steal it from you. You will have temptations and opposition.

Some may ridicule you for your newfound faith. But you can and will win. You can be a winner. This is the victory that has overcome the world - our faith.

If someone ridicules your faith or tries to talk you out of living for Jesus, remember that Jesus said that everyone that lives godly life will suffer persecution.'

If you are steadfast and continue serving Jesus, some of those who ridicule you will, in time, become believers.

All who have followed Jesus, from His first twelve disciples to believers today, have endured some opposition. This opposition will only serve to make you stronger. It will give you spiritual backbone.

Maybe until now you have allowed yourself to be governed by the opinions of others. That has changed. Jesus is now Lord, and it is His thoughts and opinions that now govern your life.

Remember, you are a "new creation; old things have passed away." That means there is going to be a difference between you and those who are not believers.

This is understandable because the Spirit of God that is in you is not yet in them. This does not mean that they cannot be nice people or that you should not be nice to them; it just means that they have not yet received this gift of salvation.

If you encounter opposition, keep looking to Jesus. Talk to Him every day in prayer, read His Word, and fellowship with others who love and serve Him.

Temptation is another form of attack on your Christian life. Temptations come to everyone. God promises that you will not be tempted above what you can bear, but He will make a way of escape for you.

Even Jesus was tempted while on earth, so He is sympathetic to our temptations.' Remember, Jesus understands, and if you stay focused on Him, He will help you overcome.

It is not a sin to have a temptation, so don't let the devil condemn you if you do. Go to God in prayer, and ask for His help. He will give you victory if you ask Him.

Perhaps you have been living a life in which you have been used to giving in to every temptation-at least if you felt that you could get away with it.

That lifestyle of negative habits has now been broken. Now you belong to Jesus. You have an inner strength, and if you will draw on it, you will win. Don't let the devil rob you of victory. It is yours, so hold on to it.

Your keys to victory are: a) Read the Word of God daily. b) Talk to God in prayer daily and c) Have fellowship with other believers, and I recommend you

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