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God has done His part to save you

Man's problem is hopeless without God because man does not have the capability to lift himself out of sin. The Bible teaches that sin is the transgression of God's law, which we know as the Ten Commandments.

Every person at one point in his or her life has transgressed God's commandments. Everyone falls short or God's best. No matter how hard a person tries, no one can live perfectly.

Not only are we incapable of living in obedience to God's commandments, but we are also accountable to God for our personal sin.

Sin is a very terrible thing to God. If someone were given a $1 00 fine for a crime, we would think that the crime was not very serious.

If on the other hand, a person were given multiple life sentences, then everyone would know that a serious crime had been committed. How serious a crime is sin.

God doesn't give $100 fines or multiple life sentences. God has said that the wages of sin is death - eternal death. Romans 6:23.

If we realize how seriously God views sin, and see that we will have to make an account to Him for our sin, then we realize the serious trouble we are in.

What was Gods Solution to our sin?



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